Let's greet our Muslim friends, Eid Mubarak!

September 30, 2008 12:29am CST
Ramadan is over, a very festive celebration for our Muslim friends. So why don't we greet them in their celebration of their festivities. Although we don't understand fully the meaning of their celebration, let's just think that like us, these are important days for them, all the same. So to all Muslim in myLot, Eid Mubarak!
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@Harley009 (1420)
• India
18 Oct 08
katpuchboy! My reply is so late now :) Anyway thanks for wishing us... it was nice for me.. Wishing you belated EID Mubarak. There are Two Eids in an year. 1. Eid al Fitr = Festival of breaking fast. Known as Festival of Giving as well. 2. Eid al Adha = Festival of sacrifice. Eid al Fitr is the very next day after one month Ramadan fasting. Eid al Fitr: *: Zakat al Fitr: Charity of Food Between the sun is set before EID day till the morning prayer, we will distribute the 'Zakat al Fitr'. That is an obligatory thing of charity. It is 2.5 kg of main food grain like rice/wheat, etc per person in the family. It is being done id different ways collectively by a group of people in an area or individually from each home. When it is done collectively they collect equivalent money to purchase food grains and the committee buy it and they distribute it to poor people among us. If it is done ourself, we take 2.5 kg of food grain for everyone in the home and give it to some poor or needy people around/relatives. i.e. The Idea is nobody should be hungry at least on that festival day! *: The Takbirs : It is praising God for his blessings, by pronouncing supplications, any time until EID ends, translation is like "God is great" (3 times) "None to be worshiped other than ONE GOD, God is Great, and for him the praises" *: The EID prayer: It is a Congregational prayer held normally outdoor open areans and sometime inside mosques. It is done around 7 or 8 am in morning (after sunrise). It contains two units of main prayers and a speech. Muslims arrive there with better dress one have. *: Visiting Relatives/Neighbours/Friends: Visit our relatives, neighbours to tighten the relation ships and soothen the contacts. *: Muslims wear new/better dress items, people keep home neat and tidy and decorate. Cook delicious food items, unite families together, Children plays around, using Henna, and have fun. The fun is not supposed to go beyond Islamic ethics. In Brief: The charity for food will be finished before the Eid prayer in the morning, always encouraged to says the praisings of God (Takbir), people go around shoping, kids having fun, applying henna on their hands, etc. The big people may do the same and also prepare food for coming day :) On EID day everybody wake up early, pray dawn prayer, everybody get refreshed and wear best dress item they have and everybody goto Eid prayers to 'Eid Gahs' or to 'Mosques' then after returning we visit several homes in neighouring areas and also our relatives, in between we Have delicious Eid lunch from our home, and we give some sweets drinks to who ever visit our home. We invite non-Muslims neighbours and friends to our home as well and we give them delicious food items:) Sometimes in evening or nights some people arrange some fun items or games or tour. EID al Adha It is a sole remembrance of the previous Prophet Abraham's story, and it is the same day of our pilgrimage "Hajj" in Mecca/Saudi Arabia. The sacrifice means the Abraham's divine dream of Sacrificing his son Ishmael, and God pleased in Abraham in showing courage to take Ishmael to sacrifice, instead a sheep is given to sacrifice. In these days also we praise the takbirs, and have fun. In morning we goto EID prayers. After Eid prayer, Many people will sacrifice sheep/goat/cow/buffalo, etc. in resemblance to the sacrifice done by Abraham. It is advised on any adult Muslim having enough money or to share money for buying the sacrificial animal and to sacrifice the animal himself for God's sake. After that the meats will be distributed among the neighbouring areas. We will have delicious lunches and fun as the other Eid. Who ever went to do the Pilgrimage will do the pilgrimage on that day, the previous days and coming days of Eid from Mecca, It also a resemblance of Abraham's story. Ka'ba in mecca was built as a house by prophet Abraham. The Zam-Zam water is produced on the birth of Ishmael. The walks and runs in Hajj resembles the walks and runs of Abraham's wife in search of water. The throwing stones resembles getrid of evils/ to protect the child just born by the Hagara(wife of Abraham) from animals. Hope you got it all :) Have a nice time.
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• Philippines
20 Oct 08
Thanks for that information, Harley! It somehow open my mind to a new piece of information related to you as our brother! We may not be the same in religion, I know that we believe in the same God that keep us in belief that we are all brothers and sisters. Thanks again and happy posting!
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@deserve40 (1656)
• India
30 Sep 08
I do join you in greeting Muslim friends....Eid Mubarak to all Muslim friends. All the times it is not necessary to understand the meaning of all the things you do. Sometimes, it is enough that your intention is good. If by saying Eid Mubarak to them they feel happy and have a feeling of brotherhood, I will first do the same thing. Let me hope that this festival will bring a message of peace and brotherhood to all of us.
• Philippines
30 Sep 08
That's the same message I wanted to share our myLotters. Regardless of religion, we should be open to opportunities of widening our horizon by making friends to everyone, may they be Muslims, Buddhist and others. Eid Mubarak again!
@salam1 (1474)
• Malaysia
26 Oct 08
many thanks kpboy.
30 Sep 08
Hi Katpuchboy, Yes I have a friend who is a Muslim so Eid Mubarak! to all of you Muslim on Mylot. Tamara