What breed of dog is easy to train?

@zenki08 (700)
September 30, 2008 4:04am CST
Hi I'm looking to buy a dog and I'm looking at the big dogs to be specific. German Shepherds is on top of my list. But I'm open to suggestions. I really like a dog that will be easy to train. I am thinking of not sending the dog to obedient school coz its a little expensive. I just plan to train him myself.
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@RumDaisy (32)
• Canada
18 Oct 08
I agree that you really need to look at the amount of time you have to spend with the dog you get. The most important thing is to be consistent, and start early. There are many breeds of dogs that are quick learners and can be considered easy to train. But in many cases these dogs do need constant stimulation to keep from getting bored and destructive. By not sending the dog to obedience school you really need to look at how much experience you have training a dog. One of the most important things that puppy school will do other than teaching basic manners is socialization.
@ahm_raq (165)
• Philippines
30 Sep 08
I don't have poodles, but experts say that they are the really smart and easy to train. I guess this makes sense why they appear most on shows?
@minx267 (15639)
• Hartford, Connecticut
30 Sep 08
I have collies and I think they are easy to train- they love to just please you and that always makes it easier- when they want to make you happy- and they are a very gentle breed. but mine make great watch dogs. very attentive!
• India
30 Sep 08
hey ... zen accordin to me DOBERMAN breed of dogs are more obidient n easy to train, think about it ..!