Maintain the level of confidence and trust!!!

September 30, 2008 4:04am CST
I assure you that all will be well at the end!!! This is very approaching yet very risky appoach from unknown person isn't???? For the whole story goes this way... Please read and just have fun reading it!!! STANDARD TRUST INTERNATIONAL BANK PLC. Plot 101c, Park Street Lekki Phase 11, V/I, Lagos. Private / Highly Confidential Subject Matter: Invitation to Act as Next-of-Kin. I write this august letter in confidence, believing that it will reach you in high spirit and I believe you will maintain the level of confidence and trust matters of this nature requires. Though, I know that this proposal may make you apprehensive and worried, but I assure you that all will be well at the end. Before proceeding, I wish to introduce myself. I am Mike Williams, Deputy General Manager, (Credit Controls) with Standard Trust Bank Limited, Lagos. I got your contact from a reliable fellow. Opportunity comes in life only when nature wishes that the wind will blow towards you but that does not mean you are the only person on earth. I want to believe you have been praying for sometime now, for divine blessing so that you can take good care of your family, but how would you know when one comes your way?Now i put it to you that the opportunity you have been seeking for has come your way but the question you must answer now is" ARE YOU READY TO GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY"? It is an opportunity that does not mean you will not work to grab it. You are born as an adventurer and pathfinder to success, therefore you are subjected by the Supreme powers of nature to find your way either to success or failure but i must tell you in confidence that if you will hold fast to what you are about to hear from me, then we shall reap from the land of milk and honey and all your difficult days will be over. Before i proceed in details, i demand that you in confidence assure me that you will comply to the rules and regulation of this business. The rules are as follows: Promise to be faithful. Promise to be sincere, Promise to be your brother's Keeper, Promise that you will assist morally, spiritually and financially to your own ability. If you are in compliance to this conditions, then i have no option than to tell you the full details of the business. The story and the business in full. In the year 2004 November, an ADC Plane Crash happened in Nigeria on board with 170 passengers among was an American Contractor who just executed a turn around maintenance exercise with Eleme-PetroChemical industries in Cross River State In Nigeria as one of the Oil Richest State in Nigeria. This contract was awarded by the above-mentioned company to the tune of $40.5million. The entire crew that executed this contract all died in the plane crash. The followings were the expert from different country. Head: Engr Roy A Bruce.(All late and may there gentle souls rest in peace) 1) Mr Andreas Schmidt From Germany 2) Mr Qichun Liang from China 3) Mr Adriel Archie of the United State of America 4) Wendell Hayward From United State of America(Bermuda Island) 5) Mr &Mrs Armstrong Powers from Australia 6) Mr Akintola Mustapha 7) Musibu Okoye 8) Miss: Bimbo, Nnenna, Gloria, Loveth and Felicia. When the contract was completed Late Engr Roy A Bruce paid is crew and was supposed to stay in Nigeria in other to gain another contract with the Nigerian National Petroleum cooperation but along the line died a mysterious death(untimely). Then he was having a balance in his domiciliary account no:009568-44321 the sum of $10.5million. Since his death, the bank and all concerned person has made effort to locate any of his relatives or next of kin but to no avail. The money has been floating in the suspense account and presently it has yielded interest of $1.7million. Since there is no trace to the deceased family, the bank has decided that these funds be pushed over to the federal government treasury for debt settlement and charity organizations.This will be in effect from another 14days from today. Top officials in this bank has decided to divert these funds to unknown account outside Nigeria for their selfish interest, thereby introducing unknown faces or names who now claim to be related to the family of the deceased. For the fact that i was his account officer, I have decided to, if i can find a foreign and trusted partner, then we can put heads together and move the funds into your account as the supposed beneficiary and new/sole administrator to the above account number and information with our bank. The reason why this whole thing will work is because before the board of trustees and management of this bank, i have made an open declaration and sworn an oath that based on the banking relationship i have with the Late Engr. Roy A. Bruce, that i will scout and bring forth his relative or next of kin to come for the claim legally. The bank gave me the power of mandamus and a limited time of 14working day which is two weeks and if i do not come with related person, that these funds will automatically move to treasury of federal government. I now seek your consent to present you as the bonafide next of kin to the account of the deceased and we shall procure all legal documentations to back you up as the next of kin by law since the late Roy A. Bruce died here in Nigeria with his residential and working permit. All documents to claim the money will be procured as long as you give me your willingness to foster this transaction to a successful conclusion. There are no risk involve and i have decided that we shall share the money on the basis of 50% for you while 50% for me. For us to proceed, if you are truly moved by the spirit, then forward the following information: 1) Your full name 2) Postal Address 3) Receiving bank Information 4) Private telephone/fax and company name if any: 5) Occupation The required information shall be use in the procurement of all documents relating to this transfer and it shall be in your name as the beneficiary and administrator of the account no: 009568-44321. Your ability to keep this transaction absolutely confidential will be much appreciated. Please, confirm your willingness by promising that you will keep to the rules and regulation and your effort will never be divided both financially and otherwise. Thank you in anticipation. I look forward to receiving your compliance and we swing into action. Call me on +2347027954283 for oral and important discussion. Yours truly, Mike Williams
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1 Oct 08
I get these all the time. Who do they really think will fall for this? My co-worker told me that she goes along with it and when it comes down to getting the "money" she tells them to put a couple of dollars into her PayPal account to prove that it's not a scam. LOL. She says she ask for like $5.00 or less but so far she's made about $50 doing this. LOL. Too funny.