What are the factors which make you angry and how you resolve it.

September 30, 2008 9:50am CST
Friends, Every body has his own likes and dislikes but in the relationship and for smooth running of life one has to compromise with the situation to defuse the uncalled for tension between the partners. When ever while discussing the family matters on a very minor thing quote or a word there become tension. Mostly when we both do not agree on a particular issue it anger me and to defuse the situation, I usually slip away for a while from the scene and after some time the things become normal. In my life when ever there is a disagreement on any point there is some anger on the party of partner and we use to defuse it and avoid trouble. What are the factors which make you anger and how you resolve it. Please discuss and comment.
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@rainmark (4302)
30 Sep 08
I always get angry when my husband starts talking against my family that which is very upseting to me. What i don't like is he going to say bad things agaisnt them in front of me and i don't like it that sometimes the cause of our trouble and argument but we can still resolve the problem, he stop talking about it and we talk smoothly he explains and i listen, we never go to bed until we never fixed our problem. Happy posting.