What are the necessary agreements to maintain Strong Relationship

September 30, 2008 9:53am CST
For me following are the main agreements for a strong relationship. 1. Trust 2. Mutual respect 3. Confidence. 4. Emotions. 5. Love 6. Affections 7. Likes and dislikes. What about you what are these.
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• Philippines
30 Sep 08
For me having a strong relationship needs respect, Trust and Love from both sides. Without this 3 the relationship is nothing. Even losing one of this main factors won't keep a relationship strong it will just weaken it if you just have 1 or 2 of them.
@Ravenladyj (22904)
• United States
30 Sep 08
To me the BIGGEST thing is communication...You MUST be able to communicate openly and honsetly with each other..If you have that and of course love and respect for one another you can get through anything ya know...
@shell94 (990)
• Canada
30 Sep 08
Relationships are full of many things. The most important in my eyes to make them succeed are Trust, Communication, and Respect. Without these 3 main ingredients you have nothing. Kind of like a recipe for cookies without the eggs. EMPTY!!! After one knows that these ones are in the relationship the others seem to fall right into place. Love and affection come along with the trust and respect part as far as I am concerned. It is pretty hard to be affectionate with someone you cannot trust. I have been through alot in 40 years and have watched alot of relationships fall apart and the Respect and Trust were root causes in every one of the failed relationships that I have seen.
@icegermany (2524)
• India
30 Sep 08
i think for any relationship to be made first of all it needs trust and then comes the love and compromise together, for the person you love he/she doesnt come alone with you and comes with all other relationship and family and hence you need to compromise for every step for the sake of your love. Then is the commitment which is really important to maintain a healthy relationship and a long relationship. these are the few basic factors to maintain a relationship and if this are done then the other factors like affection, likes and dislikes, etc will come with that.