September 30, 2008 2:10pm CST
Do you think that dragons used to exist? or that they are pure fantasy? I think that they were very much real and probably not evil at all? hows about you? do you think they existed? Do you think I am odd?
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9 Dec 08
I believe that they did exist at one point in time, and i also believe that it was possible for them to breath fire. why, you ask. because the monitor lizard, also known as the komodo dragon, spits some kind of acid substance as a defense mechanism. now if creatures can do this, why not can a creature of our distant past be able to breath fire. I often wonder if I was born in the wrong time, as I love anything to do with dragons and the fantasy realm all together. just throwing in my 2 cents.
10 Dec 08
me too! I so should have been born like 700 years ago!
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30 Sep 08
There must be something to them. They exist in almost every culture's mythology. They appear as impossible to fight off, or to prove that someone is powerful. They exist as protectors and terrorists. However they may appear, they do, indeed appear in almost every culture's lore. That's too many dragons to be coincidental.
@Metalchick (1391)
30 Sep 08
This is one of those topics where there's very little evidence to prove either way whether they did or didn't exist. I'd like to believe they existed after all the myths and legends must have originated from some sort of creature with similar attributes to the ones we know dragons have today...for example the green scales, wings, breathing fire. Perhaps this myth or legend developed from our modern day lizards or perhaps the lizards of our day were once fire breathing animals which have just developed over time to climatise with our world today. There are number of lizards living today which have been given the name dragon so to that extent they do exist. Although I am a little sceptical on this subject as you would have thought archeologists might have found some sort of evidence to establish whether dragons really did exist...although on the other hand where have these myths come from?
@mands61123 (2098)
30 Sep 08
well dinosaus existed and i often find that hard to believe so yeh i do think they may have existed or are at least based on something like that. Don't think they breathed fire though that i don't believe then again i read on one of those interesting fact thingies that a cow produces so much methane that if you lit it it would be like breathing or farting fire lol so i guess anythings possible