You're making a time capsule...what are you going to put in it?

United States
September 30, 2008 2:59pm CST
You are making a time capsule..that won't be opened for 100 years. What are you going to put in it? For mine, I'm going to add a photo of my family, our family bible, a cd with all my favorite songs, my favorite recipe book, a copy of my favorite movie, current copies of newspapers and magazines and a note detailing all the wonderful things about this era and errors I think my generation has made in the hopes the future generation will continue with what worked for us and not make the same mistakes on what hasn't. What about you?
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• Turkey
1 Oct 08
Hmmm...I think I would put a newspaper in it, a current one of course. A few things that are currently in style, such as a cd with mixed music, perhaps a certain style of clothing and some jewelry and things like that. Then I would make a diary recording and put it on Cd and stick it in there as well. Lastly, I would put a new movie on DVD in there. I think that should about cover it LOL. Cool discussion!!!
• United States
30 Sep 08
One thing I would put in a time capsule if I was making one would be an old NES cartridge. If video games are still popular a century from now, then I'd like for people of that time to remember how far video games have come since our time. I think I'd also include a few newspapers (at least some articles). Another thing I'd probably include would be my journal. Who knows, maybe when the capsule would be opened someone might be interested in reading about the experiences I went through a century before they lived and everything. In addition, I'd write down the links to my Xanga and Live Journal. The sites could very well not be up by then, but you never know. There would probably be other things, but that's all that's coming to mind right now.