what is the world was this person thinking?-

United States
September 30, 2008 6:45pm CST
A while back i said that i had made a website and it goes through the weebly.com site. which is all fine and dandy. but today when i was looking through my email i came cross another person who had gone through weebly too. so i thought that i would check it out and help a fellow site. well this person took the time to explain what is going on in russia and iran and tie it into the bible. now i dont know if this is for real, I dont' know what is going to happen as no one does. but i do know that something in this site struck a cord with me and makes me wonder if it isn't a battle for religious grounds. Tell me what you think. americanvendetta.weebly.com- so it got me to think that if iran and russia were in junction with each other than it would spell out trouble for the rest of us wouldn't it? ANd if people are being persicuted why is it just christians and not any other religion? and if it is other religions, then what are they and how are they being persicuted. off of this site i found that if you live in Iran and you change your faith to christianity you can by law be exicuted. what's up with that? please any muslims here help me out on this and explain why such a thing is allowed to happen.
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