Addicted to burger king toys ?

@pimagro24 (1046)
October 1, 2008 12:50am CST
It's actually pretty bad now.sometime I just end up getting a kids meal and throwing it away just for the toy. I have a collection with about 200 of them now. It's actually sad , but I can't stop. It's really addictive .They are just so colorful and fun. I'm a 27 years old women by the way . How can I stop it habits ?
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1 Oct 08
I was addicted to the "X-Men: Evolution" toys. Those were awesome. I am a 23 years-of-age woman, and I have no problem with it.
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1 Oct 08
lol! well, if you can afford it then there's nothing wrong with collecting the little toys. my mother used to do the same thing. the only thing i would like to make a comment on is this: "getting a kids meal and throwing it away..." why dont you give the food to a homeless person instead? they certainly wouldnt say no to the food and you could get your toy and be helping to make sure at least 1 more person in the world has something in their stomach that day.