Do anyone know how the lady high heel shoes comming from?

October 1, 2008 1:53am CST
I heard the questions and answer from one of local media, kind of interesting, do try to guess the actual answer.. a. Someone is too short and she make adjustment on the height, later every body just follow. b. One of the businessman scare his beautiful wife always goes out, thus get someone to made the heel very high and try to prevent her get out, but ends up everyone thought is new trend like right now. c. Group of designers try to design something special and make the girl look elegant, thus created the high heel shoes. Answer will be post after 24 hours. =) Happy guessing and if possible, do share your thought on the reason why you select that answer.
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• Malaysia
1 Oct 08
For me, i would select b, kind of weird but have feeling it might be true also. Because sometimes when we try to achieve something, another unpredictable things pop up and alert us. Anyway, just a guess, hope it correct.!!
• Malaysia
2 Oct 08
Bingo, that's the correct answer. Feel strange?? but that's the fact. You are right, that's where, sometimes the things we trying to do might not get the result we want and it become another situation or new things for the world. So don't under estimate on a simple imagination, it helps to create lots of things for us. Hope this will guide some other mylot members to know the truth.