I don't think Joe Biden messing up Thursday will matter

sarah palins gaffs will be like cool water - Picture of Biden at a podium with hands up looking heated
United States
October 1, 2008 3:22am CST
Biden's state is my state so it will bother me if he messes up. Having him elected as Vice Presidential pick made me very proud but the closer we have gotten to the elections the more anxious I get. I know Biden has a reputation for being a bully and not watching his words and that even bothers me. I do not think it is necessary alot of the times. But lets say Biden does mess up do you think it will matter to the voters while Sarah Palin is stumbling through the VP debate--she hasn't shown me otherwise that she won't so I expect her to. Will her inexperience act as a buffer for Joe Biden. I worry most that Biden has been in the Senate so long as she is a fresh face so she can very easily make it work in her favor, IIIF she could answer the questions right.
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@oderog (732)
• Kenya
1 Oct 08
He can't afford to mess up at this time, everything is at stake for both the candidates, you know him better and how his behaviour will influence the undecided voters.
• United States
1 Oct 08
people only have the utmost respect for him in Delaware