Do you like the smartphones?Do you like the widows mobile system.

October 1, 2008 4:28am CST
Well,I am a pocket pc fans. I have a htc dopod 838 with the windows mobile 6.1 os. I'm very impressed when I first look at this phone. And it seems very powerful, and it did have powerful function. The windows mobile os make it like a little PC.And what is more interesting,it has a touch screen which our pc did't have. It can install a lot of useful and powerful softwares.Such as opera browser,google maps,pdf reader,the core player and so on. Unlike the poor s60 standby screen,in windows mobile ,you can change your standby screen in anyway you want by using the today screen plugins. For a example, you can install the ilauncher plugin which can put the shortcuts of your softwares in your standby screen.Then you can visit your softwares more faster. There is more to say about the windows mobile os.But I'm afraid I can't discribe it clearly. My question : Do you have got any smartphone? What do you think of the smartphones and the windows mobile os? Do you like it?
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• China
26 Oct 08
I like smartphone very much. One of the main reasons is that a smartphone enable me to surf into the internet or WAP freely and with the least obstacle. But since now I don't have a smartphone yet. The phones I used were none-smart ones and so is my current one. I can't afford a smart one. Also it would affect my normal life as i would spend more time enjoy playing the phone whenever and wherever.