Where should i put myself with?

October 1, 2008 4:52am CST
As a young human being. I've experienced a lot of circumstances in my miserable life but as I face them,there's always a lesson learned.Like,knowing the difference of what's right and what is totally wrong.Living the word of God,spending my whole life to him. :] and with senseful people of the earth.And I learn that "hurt" is part of growing in anyways.Life is useless without "love".I'm really a jynx when it comes to love and I'm getting used to it oftentimes.She can't love me back.But God really love me back.Where should I put myself?
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11 Jan 09
Hi. I came across this discussion from 4months ago. What do you mean by 'Where Should I Put Myself?', do you mean carry on looking for a girl (if you havnt now found one)?-because there is someone out there for you!