@Keola12 (717)
United States
October 1, 2008 10:41am CST
CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY is one of my favorite books. It takes the reader on a magical journey with all those tasty chocolatie treats. It's a story about a boy who comes from a humble background who happens to be fortunate enough to find a gold ticket in his chocolate bar when he purchases the candy with his grandpa. He is allowed to take a guest with to accompany him on the tour of the chocolate factory. He chooses to take his grandpa with his, in that his grandpa is the one who bought him the chocolate bar. Charlie is also very fond of his grandfather and is very close to him. There were only a certain number of chocolate bars containing the golden ticket. Willy Wonka, the man who owns the magical chocolate factory disperses gold tickets into the certain chocolate bars because he is looking for the right child to inherit his chocolate factory. He's looking for someone with good intentions, someone who is pure of heart, and would do right be Willy and the OOMPA's. And that person is Charlie, who stood out from all the rest of the children who were in the bunch who received the special ticket. This book is a heart warming book, and a magical treat. I only wish there really existed a river of chocolate like there was in the book. That would not only be great, but heavenly. But after all, that only occurs within fiction, and within the imagination of writers, and found within the realm of dreams.
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@jmay1226 (97)
• Philippines
15 Aug 11
I can say that the writer of this had a wide area of imagination. He is a very good writer and of course as well as the director of this movie. I really love this movie because when I watch this movie I felt that I became a child again. I really love chocolates...
@Anne18 (11034)
1 Oct 08
Read the book when I was a girl loads of times. My children love the book and the film is so very very good, we have watched the old film and the new film, both very good