What is the significance of Your Users Name with your personality

October 1, 2008 10:58am CST
Well all members at my lot, Wishing your all happiness from the almighty, I invite all of you to spare some time to share with me what is the significance of your users name with your personal life and your personality. To me I think that while choosing the users name every one might have thought some thing to name your users name some thing special for you or some thing relating to your individual personality. Please share with me what prompted you to select your users name, was it some thing with you have special attachment of affection or has some significance with your loved one. When I was made to select the users name, I simply wrote my name but I was prompted to select some thing some name of about 13 characters. Because I have a paying Guest named Sweethome and I selected the name of Sweet home but I was told that this user already exist and select some thing other and then I at random selected sweethomecatring. What about you please discuss and comment. Thank you very much for your reply.
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2 Oct 08
Masquedxangel has been my username in places for a while now. For about four years, actually. It's a play on Phantom of the Opera, the newest version in 2004 capturing my heart and introducing me to the rest of the fandom. Masqued Angel is a play on Erik's (The Phantom's) masked face, and the fact that he's the Angel of Music in the books and plays and movies. Therefore... yes, I've managed to keep supreme nerdism around for four years and running. The X is just a divider between Masqued and Angel, It think it looks neat so no special significance there.
1 Oct 08
hi there my username -Graceandowen is the name of my two children its something i always remember and i just use it for most forums i am on.
@jillbeth (2705)
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1 Oct 08
Jillbeth was my mom's pet name for me (she passed away almost 20 years ago). I started using it when I started writing poetry, I guess because I thought it sounded like a good name for a poet, and use it now for most of my online activities. I could tell when I was in mom's good graces, or when she was upset with me, by what name she called me. Happy: Jillbeth Unhappy: Jill ELIZABETH! Nobody in the family calls me jillbeth; only Mom did. So it's kinda special.