spiderman: a movie that takes the audience of an adventure and joy ride

@Keola12 (798)
United States
October 1, 2008 11:28am CST
I love all the Spiderman movies. The story line holds true to the animated series. It's not only action adventure, but it's a beautiful romantic tale that unfolds between spiderman (Peter Parker) and Mary Jane Watson. I love this story because it also moved me when Peter Parker's Uncle Ben died, and he blamed himself for his Uncle Ben's death. Peter Parker's Aunt Mae is wise and philosophical, and is the right person to keep her nephew on the right path. Her words that she says to Peter when he wants to retire from being spiderman so he could live a normal life are inspiring when she says something to the regard of it's not what we do that's for people that's important but it's who we are within. or something like that. I don't remember her exact words. But I wepts when she told him some inspiring words. And that we don't find our path in life, our path finds us. I love the philosphy involved with the Spiderman movies.
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@versio9 (329)
• Philippines
15 Aug 09
when compared to batman, the spiderman movies can't get too deep. there lies its downside. the writers are limited to making it accessible to 10-15 year old boys. i really enjoy spiderman, but am not impressed with the effects anymore. if the writers can't make spiderman grow up, then they should develop the villains instead.
@Iriene88 (5345)
• Malaysia
27 Oct 09
Spiderman - a great power comes with a great responsibilities! Spiderman has to live his life in an 'undercover' identity, he has to suppress his loves towards the girl he loves. To be there to protect her. I enjoyed all the Spiderman movies. I watched them in the cinema with my family. The recent installment has the good and the bad Spiderman. The Red and the Black Spiderman, a very exciting and great story!
@JamesKYTan (1607)
• Malaysia
26 Oct 09
I remembered when I was a young boy, I used to read Spider Man comics strip in the daily newspaper. At times I managed to get hold of the comic book too. I was so excited to find out that Spider Man will be showed on the BIG Silver Screen. I managed to wacth all the Spiderman Movies. My son enjoyed watching it too. Spiderman always has good memory to me because I joined the SpiderMan Movie contest and I won a trip to New York City, USA..