what will u do when u r in online.......

@rajueie (204)
October 1, 2008 11:32pm CST
hi frends....wat will u do when u r in online.... do u chat wid frends?? do u play online games?? do u earn money...???? plss elaborate ur answers......
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• Malaysia
2 Oct 08
First, checking emails, because my job require thats, most of the time spend lots of time for that. Then personal mail, because important friends might send me important emails, of course, sometimes is junk mail or forwarded email. Then next is MyLot. Cause lots of info can get from there and also when we comment or response, it pays. And also mean time, will play online games, i like that very much especially webbase games where we no need to install anything on PC. =)
@radinrr90 (157)
• Malaysia
2 Oct 08
First i will check my email. Then i will surf the web for some income opportunities. After i get bored doing the surfing, i will hop by here, in myLot to do some posting. I only like to things that are profittable to me. No online game or chatting, waste of time. I wonder how much will i earn from posting this comment..