When did you learn how to drive?

@jstmarfz (1498)
United States
October 2, 2008 12:45am CST
I am currently taking my class in driver's ed. I will be done this October 20th and hoping that I will pass. It was fun driving in the road a bit nervous though. I was driving a motorcycle before but I sold it. Now, my hubby bought me a Chevrolet car. I can't wait to drive my own car very soon and to have my own license!!!! What about you? In what age did you learn how to drive? Who taught you how to drive? Did you have fun?
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@sacmom (14250)
• United States
15 Oct 08
I learned to drive at 15 1/2. My mom as well as a driver's ed teacher at the school I went to taught me how to drive, though I had more behind the wheel time with my mom. At first she would only allow me to practice in our church's parking lot (when it was empty, of course), and when the driver's ed teacher found this out he told her she needs to let me drive on the street. She said that she would, but it wasn't good enough for the driver's ed teacher and he told her he wanted me to drive her home that day. Boy did she get scared! LOL But she did what he told her and I was able to drive us home that very day. And from then on I was driving on roads! I wouldn't say I had fun, but it was a learning experience, that's for sure!
• Malaysia
2 Oct 08
I learned to drive at age 18, i still remember when i know that i am allow and can apply for the driving license, i am so happy and can't sleep for almost 2 days. In my country, total we have 3 test, first is the traffic rules, 2nd and 3rd is practical test on the road. That including parking, 3 point turn, slop test and last but not least, driving out to main road. The marking including the steps what should we do first when we enter the car. Kind of feel great even now recalling that.
@annjilena (5620)
• United States
2 Oct 08
i learn to drive 30 years ago after hitting building and hitting cars and driving wreckless until i learn to drive i wanted to learn to drive and i did. took me 3 times to try for the driver permit and it only took me, to take the driving test only once. i got my license to drive i was so happy. you made me remember how hard it was to learn to drive.because when you drive you have not only your life to look out for but other peoples too this teaches you responsiblity. good luck on driving