A strike on large scale is going in indian film industry

October 2, 2008 4:53am CST
today on the eve of gandhi jayanti a massive strike is going in bollywood which is done by the junior actors adnn the crew members who are not given the credit and they are sinking in the deep shadows where all the credit is taken by actors and other big crocs now all the crew mwmbers spotboys junior actors and all of them have made a union which are demnding higher wages and better environment to work which is eventually going to make bollywood a better place for working by all who think htis industry is very cruel
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2 Oct 08
Hi nutanjain, Well its about time the real workers stands up for themselves, far too often lower paid workers in you country are treated very badley, just look at all the sweat shirtworkers, I think it disgustig so well done to those wha are going on strike. Tamara