Do you take time out for meditation and yoga?

@limcyjain (3519)
October 2, 2008 12:13pm CST
Until recenty i used to think that my life is just too busy to engage in activities like meditation and yoga. But once i entered this field by getting inspiration from my gurus i think i have just got what i needed. Calmness and satisfaction seem to move in trough meditaion. I feel much more confident and relaxed and have some kind of joy over an accomplishment of getting closer to god. Yoga has made life easier for me too. The two combined have made a dramatic difference to my life. Have you tried out any and what differences do you find in yourself with this?
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@chrislotz (8200)
• Canada
18 Mar 09
I haven't tried any yoga or meditation but I have thought about it for the last few years and I have recently talked to my daughter about it and she wants to try yoga so I think we are going to look for something around where we live. I know of a few people who do yoga every day at home by DVD and they have lost a lot of weight. And they are much more relaxed and less stressed. I wouldn't mind doing it at home by DVD but first I would like to go to some classes and learn how to do it the right way first and then do it at home after. It would be a lot cheaper and so it would be less stressful for me because money is an issue for me right now.
@srikandi19 (3393)
• Kuta, Indonesia
2 Oct 08
i don't know about yoga. but i interest it. and at my city i find where i can be learn yoga. but, at my city nothing yoga school. how yoga work ? why yoga can make feel happy ?
• India
2 Oct 08
Hi I'm doing meditation for a long time. Also doing breathing exercises. All I do is to attain calmness in mind and enjoy the bliss of eternality. Even if I'm too busy, I adjust so that I don't miss doing meditation and breathing exercise. Certainly these two, over 3 years, have transformed my mentality a lot. I feel like being one with eeveryone and universe. It gives me a lot of pleasure and peace.