"If you don't stop him...we will"

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October 2, 2008 9:53pm CST
OMG, spoilers below! ...so did you guys watch tonight's episode? I didn't think I'd like it because it had time-travel in it...but the big reveal at the end was majorly worth every bit of the episode! So, Castiel said; "Your brother's going down a dangerous path. One we don't know where it goes. If you don't stop him. We will." He's obviously referring to Sammy's powers. So, I'm thinking (and ya'll know how suspicious I am of Castiel) that maybe the "angel"'s afraid that Sam was created to be an angel-killer? I mean, it stands to reason that if he can simply wave a hand at a demon and it has no choice but to leave and pack its bags back to hell...does this suggest that someday he could take on the one thing all demons fear and they can't let that happen? I mean Castiel already sorta tricked Dean. He brought him back into the past and told him "you have to stop it" as if there was something back in the past for him to change (when actually, Dean was meant to be there in order for his entire life to happen like it did!). He tricked him into doing the very things that wouldn't change the future, knowing Dean wouldn't turn down a chance to save his parents if given the opportunity! I know that it's hard to tack on morality questions to an angel though I repeat: he may not really be an angel. How do we know he's not "Lucifer" and he just made it seem like "Lucifer" was up and walking around elsewhere when he really wants to make sure he cozies up to Dean for goodness knows what reason...or how do we know he's telling the truth about any of it? I mean yeah, he has powers, and ol' Yellow Eyes suggested he knew something about "friends in high place"...but if demons are only people who become monsters through "hell" and all...instead of being fallen angels, how do we know that there ARE denizens on the opposite side either? IF that opposite side IS really opposite! Though, my suspicions could totally be off. We don't know that all Sammy's doing right now is saving people. He mighta done some questionable things we have no idea about and that'd mean Castiel's words would check out better. But yeah...what do you think? And it looks like next week's episode might be...a cannible?
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4 Oct 08
Yeah, I'm worried that Sam is doing things that will make him totally lose control. Sam even mentioned worrying about that in the first episode. And I'm not sure we can trust Castiel either. While I do believe in angels and hell (not necessarily demons, although they are fun to watch on television) and can understand angels fighting these demons, it always seems that the boys are tricked somehow, you know? I'm thinking Dean is going to lose it when he finds out Sam is using his psychic powers after all and that Sam lied to him. I'm hoping this won't put a wedge between the brothers but I'm afraid it might. By the looks of the next show, it doesn't seem like Dean is mad so I'm wondering if he misses out on what Sammy's doing. Never know what Kripke has up his sleeve. That's why I love this show so much (other than Jensen and Jarod). It's one surprise after another.
• Malaysia
3 Oct 08
haven't watch the latest episode..watching it soon !