Jerl neighbors??

United States
October 2, 2008 11:26pm CST
My landlords son lives downstairs from me.He is an alright guy,not very friendly but I haven't had any problems with him.I have talked with him a few times and felt that he knew he could talk to me if needed.On the other hand my other neighbor is a nutcase,I know he can't help having mental difficulties and I tried to be nice to him when I 1st moved in.I found that didn't work with him he complained about everything,went through my mail and others.He will stop me and my friends from coming in the door constantly to talk stupidity to them,or complain about me.My friends don't want to hear this nor do they want to be stopped on their way in my house.Still I asked that they be patient with him,he is my neighbor and I truly believe he can't help his mental difficulties.He has yelled at me because my daughter leaves the downstairs door open,this door only leads to our stairs not his,there is a wall and a hallway between this door and his apartment.I have asked my daughter to just shut the door but as all kids do she forgets,or doesn't care and often leaves the door open.Believe me when I tell you this door only affects us,it only leads to our door on the second floor,now tonight we find a note from the landlords son on out door in very large letters saying to keep the door closed.Now 1st I think he could have talked to us,but second why is he leaving a note like that because a nut is complaining.I don't get it,and am very upset by this.I am not the type to retaliate I don't like conflict so I have told my daughter to just make sure she shuts the door.What would you do?
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