The internet was made to waste...?

@pimagro24 (1046)
October 3, 2008 12:51am CST
We spend countless hours looking at a screen ? What would you be doing now if you had no computer ?
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• Malaysia
3 Oct 08
I would go outside and meet some hot chicks, or else i will doing my own stuff and sleep. Well, i dont really agree internet was made to waste, it was made to keep the world distance closer =)
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@goldwin65 (937)
• Malaysia
4 Oct 08
It is all depend on the user. But to me I must say that internet make life so easy canpare to before. With internet connection, we can do e-shopping, e-banking, get the information at the tip of your finger without going to the library, for students they can get all kind of references and information and many more. Besides it make the world smaller and we can even chat with someone from other country and continent. So internet is not a waste of time if we use it in a positive ways. If I don't have computer, I will either spend my time reading books or watching television.
• China
3 Oct 08
reading books or sleep, watch tv. play card with my family members ,play chess , study, thinking , or just sit by myself, play tennis with my brothers or sisters. many or do nothing. i think the internet is useless too. it not get me any or much help or joy or knowledge or profit...... i get many illness from this ,such as radiation, headache , eyeillness.....
@rama80rl (53)
• India
3 Oct 08
Internet is very helpful to us. Internet is there ,anything is waste of time and it is so secure to and we see any site we don't know about it
@sandymay16 (1617)
• Philippines
3 Oct 08
Same as before when computers were still strangers to us. I would be watching TV then read a book. I don't really spend countless hours with computers. I still do the usual things like read, go for a walk, cook food, talk with friends, clean the house, go swimming, grocery shopping, scold my nephew hehe, bake a little, do some gardening and sleep.
@alankor (479)
• Singapore
3 Oct 08
I would be looking for ways to earn extra money given the rising cost of living.i would be exercising to improve my overall well-being and body.i would be reading to increase my knowledge.i would be visiting new places to see more of this world.i will be making somebody happy because i love to see one smile.there are a lot of things to do out there.go for it!Cheers!