how do we get cancer?

October 3, 2008 2:57am CST
in life.. people get scared, frightened of the word "cancer" but do we all know where cancer came from? is it already in us and just waiting for it to become triggered, activated to shorten our life spawn? how do we prevent this from happening? where does cancer come from? how can we all prevent and stop cancer? anyone?
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@okwusman1 (2247)
• Abuja, Nigeria
3 Oct 08
to get cancer there are many things that contribute to it. those things are as follows: 1. Eating junk foods 2. Eating much of red meat 3. Eating much fatty foods like butter, milk etc 4. Over weight 5. Eating heavy food late at night 6. Poor immune system [b]How to combat Cancer: [/b] 1. Eat more of fruits (Apple) and vegetable 2. Eat fish instead of red meat 3. Exercise regularly 4. Control Your weight 5. Eat More of Fible food 6. Eat Protein I believe this few points will help!
• India
3 Oct 08
It's there in our bodies. Our immune system keeps it under control. Once our immune system becomes weak because of a host of factors various chemical reactions happen. In some cases, then cancer cells are triggered. This is a general explanation. Scientists are still clueless about why it happens and how can it be prevented.