Paid to review?

October 3, 2008 6:58am CST
Dear friends! I want to know about the Paid to review method. Can anyone explain to me? and please refer some good website for My more income. what is the minimum payout? help me friends! i will join under your refer. Thanking you, Stargroup29!
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3 Oct 08
I use 3 sites. I write on Ciao UK (they pay into the bank), which pays either by cheque or amazon vouchers, and Epinions which pays out at $100 for me (I live in UK). I write my review and post it on all 3 sites. I have never had a problem doing that and I've been doing it for a while now! I got paid £100 from Ciao not long ago and have made £90 in amazon vouchers. I'm almost at $100 for epinions as well. I would say that these earnings took a while as I have been a bit lax about writing lately (a lot of other stuff going on) but in the new year I am making myself a promise that I will make a lot more than that. I intend to write at least one review a day (two is my maximum). I would recommend that if you are going to write on any site, that you also read the reviews written by others, as that will get your reviews noticed and you will gain more respect from other writers if you read their work as well. Good luck!
3 Oct 08
Hi add me as a friend and i will tell you about a few sites that have worked for me.
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