pork barrel - to remove or not to remove?

October 3, 2008 9:34am CST
PORK BARREL or simply pork refers to appropriations and favors obtained by a representative for his or her district.These funds are discretionary in nature,meaning it is up to each congressman or senator to identify the projects that will be funded by their pork barrel allocation and the beneficiaries of the spending.Senators now get pork-barrel allocations of 200MILLIOON (whoa!)each,while congressmen are alloted 65MILLION each(grabe na to) The question is?Where did the millions go?If there are 12 senators and 30 congressmen,wher did the 4.35BILLION go? Should we romove the prok barrel and add it up to the countries budget for health and education? or just let the billion of pesos(which by the way came from our pockets(in the form of tax)) go to their pockets,oh i mean to waste?
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@ahvhec (23)
4 Oct 08
that's a pretty amount of money..i guess,if we could not completely eliminate the pork barrel,we should lessen the amount aloocated to it.the government should be also very strict in finding the results or the projects were all these money are going.we are definetely not a rich country,we should value our money.besides,the money came from the people,let them be given back to the people.
@alena824 (376)
• Philippines
4 Oct 08
I understand the concern over pork barrel allocations because it does involve a huge amount of money, money which we often don't know where it eventually ends up in. while it is true that lawmakers stand to gain from these allocations by merely identifying the projects that will be funded, there are quite a number of them who make sure that their districts and constituents stand to benefit from this money. That's how you get rural health centers or additional classrooms, which the regular agencies do not have budgets for. Many also set aside funds to purchase medicines that are distributed free to indigent patients. And then these also end up for financial assistance also given to constituents in need of funds for health and other social services. So it really depends on the conscience of the lawmaker whether he will choose to pocket the amount (or majority of it anyway) or really ensure that the people who voted him into office will benefit from such allocations.
• Philippines
3 Oct 08
No, if it's for the benefit of the Filipino people. Yes, if it goes to the pocket of the corrupt officials.