Disillusioned with myLot yet?

United States
August 23, 2006 7:34am CST
Are you disillusioned with myLot yet? For me, it's certainly not what I'd hoped it would be. The most disappointing part is that you get as many points for starting a popular discussion as you get for starting a one-response discussion. Not cool! Who's with me? Any other gripes?
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• United States
6 Sep 06
I agree with you it should work on how many responses you get
• Japan
2 Sep 06
• China
29 Aug 06
I came across this site by "accident" so I had no prior expectations, in fact I didn't even realise there was money involved till I read some of the discussions.Do u really think that there is lots of lolly 2 b made from sites like this? Come on! When did u come out of the egg? I've been highly entertained by this site and my site cohabitants, can't be bad :-)
29 Aug 06
Well Ive only been registered a couple of days. Its a bit of fun and some interesting thought but some specific question seem to go unanswered. Neither of my 2 'boring' questions have had any response. I dont know if the way the sites set up allowes to see some of the questions and discusions unless you spend a while searching them out. The home page is a little limiting in its design in this regard I think.
@Sunset50 (1397)
• United States
25 Aug 06
I love this kind of discussion forums, getting to hear how we all feel on everyday type thoughts tells more about a person than anything else. I don't care about the points, I like intermingleing (
• United States
23 Aug 06
I hope you will be ok. I know see why you asked the question. I do think there should be a different grading scale also. On the other hand I don't look into any of this stuff. I have learned so many little things,I did not know. like coffe and kidney problems. call me dum But I also am grateful for my little bit of change. I also Don't want you to be angry your a productive part of my lot continue to post and contribute stuff.
@rainbow (6762)
23 Aug 06
I love the quickies and the ones that make me think, we can't be serious all the time, or it's no fun. Who's to say which is more valuable anyway? I only reply to the ones I want to or i wouldn't enjoy it and I don't really care about the points just the pints of view.