Does coffee after dinner keep you awake?

October 3, 2008 11:11am CST
People usually say that having coffee after dinner keeps you awake longer. I have had coffee after dinner many a time but always went to sleep as usual. Anyone who has experienced sleeplessness after taking coffee after dinner?
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• India
3 Oct 08
hi again friend coffee has a substance named caffeine which is bad for health and a side effect that is is a very bad thing to drink to remain awake an apple is better than apple to remain awake then coffee it is natural,sweet and better than coffee so i advice you to have a apple after dinner it will help you to remai ,well bye and have a nice day.
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@icegermany (2524)
• India
3 Oct 08
sorsy i dont coffee and i usually take it and it also works as same as the coffee i feel. i usually take tea only after my breakfast and at the evening around 5pm. but i think if taken after dinner too it works as same as anytime taken. i think after taking tea/coffee makes you a little fresh may be for a short interval of time and not more than that and later i go and sleep and i dont think that it works for longer time. it happens to me and i dont know about others. but i have really heard from others that taking tea/ coffee dont get them sleep at night and i have friend and it happens to her and everytime she dont take tea/coffeee in the evenings too as she face a sleeping problem. even i feel strange but for me it really works for small time span and not more than that.
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@lazeebee (5466)
• Malaysia
17 Oct 08
Hi, coffee in the evening or night does not keep me awake; in fact if I do not drink a cup of coffee before bedtime, I can't sleep at all.
@debby28 (89)
• United States
9 Oct 08
I LOVE coffee I can drink it and take a nap. What else can I say
• Philippines
5 Oct 08
Coffee does make everyone awake regardless of time whenever you drink it. Coffee comprises of caffeine which is the main ingredient or elemet that make our body active and our system awake.
• Canada
3 Oct 08
Coffee after dinner keeps some of my relatives awake, but it does not keep me awake. It doesn't keep my husband awake either. If we are both tired, we will sleep. I have been known to drink coffee at all hours of the day or night, and I have never had a problem sleeping.