Does it seem to you that people in mylot are somewhat robotic?

@shomomo (850)
October 3, 2008 2:56pm CST
I've posted a few discussions here and I got so many responses, but all of them were empty of any thought! It was as if an automatic engine (or simply people that don't really care about the discussion, but the money) generated a few answers for me, if people could really talk in mylot then it would be a lot easier to get money fast, because you would want to keep on talking just for the sake of the talk, and nothing else!
2 responses
• Canada
3 Oct 08
I haven't noticed that. I find myself backing away from discussions because I don't have anything interesting or fresh to say, and because of that I'm beginning to think I might just become bored with this site before I have enough for payout.
@mojcica (1511)
• Slovenia
3 Oct 08
Have you noticed you still havent got answer to this cause it means you actually have to think what you gonna say and cant just say a total random thing? Im not saying everyone is like that (in my topics Im quite happy with the answers, though i think they might have grown into bigger discussion, which they rearly do), but I also think most just answer a quick answer and dont leave room for discussion. Sadly there is no talking just quick answering.