XM Radio

United States
October 3, 2008 9:20pm CST
Does anyone here have XM radio? For a while now, I've really wanted to get an XM radio instead of staying with the standard AM/FM radio. If you do have it, how do you like it? Do you love listening to music and talk shows on there? What's your favorite station that XM radio has? I'm just kind of tired of AM/FM radio. I guess I just want to know all about XM radio so basically can someone tell me as much about it as possible? Like I said, I'm really interested in getting it.
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• United States
4 Oct 08
I used to have xm radio and loved it. The quality was awesome. I am waiting till they complete the mergers of the sites with xm and sirius to see what products they come out with. It is really great if you are tired of those commercial plagued radio stations. Plus I know lately I am starting to listen a lot about the politics and news and I can't find a decent channel and I know the satellite radio companies have that kind of stuff. Honestly I would wait until they finish the merging so you can get a plan with the xm and sirius channels together more channels to surf. Or you could get it now and when they finish it just add it on your plan. I say go for it.