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October 3, 2008 10:35pm CST
Has anyone else here read any of James Patterson's Maximum Ride books? Even though the books are technically aimed at a bit younger crowd, I actually find the books to be pretty good. Well, at least the ones in the series I've read. If you haven't read them or don't know anything about the series, the books are basically about this group of teenagers who call themselves 'The Flock'. Not long after they were born, they were essentially experimented on and their DNA got combined with avian DNA and, I know this will sound out there, they now have fully functional wings. I believe it was earlier this year that I read my first Maximum Ride book. I was in Wal-Mart checking out the book section and happened to see the second book in the series on a shelf. I had never heard of the series and it sounded interesting (and of course this was before I knew it was 'intended' for a bit younger crowd), so I decided to buy it. I think I ended up reading the entire book in two nights. So has anyone else read any of the Maximum Ride books?
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1 Jul 10
i have not read the books but i have started reading the mangas and they are really good. there is a movie coming out in i think 2013 because james patterson didn't like the first script. the original release date was meant to be in 2011. james patterson had also said that he wants new undiscovered people to act the parts. so there are some sits online like maximum ride user casting where you can make videos to audition as for the parts.
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14 Aug 09
I have read the series its pretty interesting i think there is going to be a movie coming out about it to!