This may sound morbid, but it is still a fact of life . . .

October 3, 2008 10:40pm CST
Hello to everyone! Most of us have friends, relatives or close family members who have passed away, and most probably most of us were there during the burial or cremation, as the cae may be. In the Philippines, its common that we bury our dead. Only in recent years that cremation is resorted to by some, if only to satisfy the request of the deceased when he or she was still alive, or of the family in some cases. It may sound morbid to some of us but time will come that we have to make a choice, of whether to bury or to cremate our dead. If this time comes, what do you think would be your choice, and why? I don't want to spoil your day or whatever, but in all honesty, I think it helps to realize such things objectively.
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• United States
4 Oct 08
I think that whatever the person's wishes were is how it should be done. Unless, of course, it had never been discussed, in which case, the loved ones should determine how they would like to handle it. I want to be cremated. My brother was cremated and I'm the only one in the family that had kept some of his ashes as the rest of them were spread about in places that were meaningful to him while he was alive. It feels really good to know that I have him with me always.
• Philippines
5 Oct 08
Part of him with you and the rest in places meaningful to him when still alive. That way, it shows how you love your brother. Am sure he'll be happy to know that (if he were alive)..Thanks for sharing your thoughts MyLinnsLynn..