Do You Keep Your Lap Top Laminated ?

@AKRao24 (27600)
October 4, 2008 2:22am CST
I keep my Lap Top Laminated. Lamination is a process of covering the lap Top , for that matter anything witch needs a protection from dust, water and other physical agents, with an adhesive thin plastic sheet. Here we have two options to select from , one being the cold one and the other being the hot one. In the cold lamination , simple a adhesive plastic sheet is used to cover the thing which is done very carefully and skillfully by hands. In hot lamination they use a hot air chamber which is doing the job under the pressure. Before the lamination I used to have lot of problems in cleaning my laptop especially the screen and other things. Having done lamination I am just finding that the life has become easier for me as far as cleaning of Laptop is concerned against the dust. If you laminate the key pad you can be rest assured against the spillage of liquids alsoas the plastic sheet it acts as a barrier.One caution while laminating a Laptop you will have to careful not to laminate the portions which are meant for ventilation otherwise you will end up with overheat and your Laptop will not function properly. Now a days many people are laminating their Laptops. Are you one of them ? Please reply, your participation will be highly appreciated. Thanks!
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• Cambodia
24 Jan 09
hey i hav a macbook and i wanna laminate it, mac books dont have air holes or fans is it ok if i laminate it? will there be any problems or anything? Will the laptop get like hotter or sth like tat?