Have you lied to your parents and did not confess?

October 4, 2008 8:02am CST
Well, I did once,I told my mom that I am gonna attend my class as usual but i followed a couple of mates to the arcade and played some video games. I wasted my money and destroyed my reputation. I don't dare confess till now, So tell me have you lied and did not confess?
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@GeoArm (1)
• Thailand
13 Apr 10
I lied several times, but its not like i meant it, they were just the childhood lies that i was afraid my parents would punish me. But I lied once and they found out but It didn't stop me from doing it again. Its not like i lied, i just didn't tell them cz I know they would never understand. And its not like I did something bad. I just liked someone. This whole thing seems so embarrassing and so bad. I feel horrible now. And it's its ok if we make mistakes, this is how we learn to live, but the important thing is if we learn how to improve them correctly, and I hope I will someday. But there is something I definitely know: I'm so not lying to them again.
@ronaldinu (12439)
• Malta
11 Oct 08
I think they were always a step ahead of me and always managed to detect when I was telling lies.
@lucy67 (819)
• China
4 Oct 08
as parents, they hope their kids will always be honest to them. but it's impossible for kids to do so all the time especially when kids grow up. i think it's ok for you not to confess this time as long as you do not do it again.
• United States
4 Oct 08
i have lied once. I bought the game. I lied that my parents buy it.
• India
4 Oct 08
hmmmmmmmm its Once When I Was In College Days When I Went To Movie With My Friends Without Telling To Anybody so Some of My Relatives saw me in theatre and told my parents then my mom shouted on me and my dad too at time i dint confesss i felt very bad till now
@deserve40 (1656)
• India
4 Oct 08
Yes I did lie before my mummy and then I have never confessed it. It was something very silly I had done and I knew my mummy would never approve that sort of behaviour and if she came to know about it she would feel very bad. I did not want to hurt her and so I lied before her and she felt that I had not done anything wrong. However, I felt so sorry about my silly behaviour that I was upset for few days and I decided that I would not repeat such mistake never again the future. And I have never done it again. I feel that I have done nothing wrong by not confessing it with my mummy. Becausing if after confessing I had repeated the same thing the shock to her would have been sever.