when do usually eat heavy meal?

 eating  - this photo is attach to my discussion when do you eat heavy meal?
@mayrah (1133)
United States
October 4, 2008 9:40am CST
They said we must eat heavy breakfast because we have to prepare our mind and body for activities of the day. And we must eat lightest meal during dinner simply because we don't have much activities during this time. But my routine goes like this.... I usually eat light breakfast, heavy lunch and heavy dinner. How about you? When do you usually eat heavy or light meal? and why?
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• Malaysia
5 Oct 08
Frankly, i usually have heavy meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, thus my size and weight is at higher level margin, the BMI is totally out. Thus right now have to really control for that. As what you have explained, will have heavy meal for breakfast, medium for lunch and light meal for dinner. Also, need to control on the food we take, not too high calories and need to have more vegetables for every meals. Enjoy !
@bbsr13 (4197)
• India
4 Oct 08
Hello,Mayrah, I never eat a breakfast.In the forenoon session I manage with just two cups of green tea and a cup of coffee.Just after bath I drink a glass of vegetables soup,it is halfan hour before lunch.So naturally the meals at lunch is light.And I eat really a havy dinner.thanx.
@potrish78 (742)
• Philippines
4 Oct 08
I eat heavy breakfast In order to keep up with the needs of my job; Because I work in the field and my job involves a lot of walking and driving. I need the energy to keep me active the whole day. And besides, I don't usually eat lunch on time cuz it's the busiest time at work so if I eat light breakfast I really am gonna starved.
@cream97 (29154)
• United States
4 Oct 08
My heaviest meal will be at dinner. This is around 5 or 7 in the evening.. I hardly eat heavy at night. Sometimes, my breakfast is considered heavy. It has whole grains in it, that keeps me full for about 5 hours.
@shell94 (990)
• Canada
4 Oct 08
I am not a big eater, but enjoy a decent dinner most of the time. I like it as its the one time we are all home together.