it legal or illegal ?

October 4, 2008 12:11pm CST
i came accrossed an article that i searced randomly,then i read a title that attracted my intention about PTC....PTC,is it legal or illegal?the writer wrote quite long,since i cant copy paste (not reached 500posts yet),i just write the main points.ok,advertising companies pay certain amount of money to pay-to-surf compony(PTC) small amount of money ($0.50) on every hour a member's surfing.then,the pay-to-surt company pay some little of money to members (average $0.01).so,if we look back to the main concept of all this ads,is to reach costumer,to promote their product,not just to surf!but the pay-to-surf company use this advantage,to recruting members to only to surf (which majority of us do) by clicking,then pay some money to us!so the ads company basically,paying to something they shouldnt!!!i dont know about that,but on the perspective of our religion?our soceity?moral? even i myself have 4 ptc my dear mylotters point of view?please comment
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