are you listening?

October 4, 2008 12:14pm CST
i always like to keep silence in many place,so most friends of mine believe me is an introvert,i like to keep silence but i not only keep silence,when i was slience i listening the talks on my round even the people are stranger,and i often get some interesting message from this,i like to know if you keep attention with the people who around you, i mean they just close to you,they near to you and talk something,maybe its just a peculiarity on mine,but i hope i am not lonely.....
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10 Oct 08
Hmmm... Yeah, you are never lonely, aren't you ??? Keeping silence doesn't mean we are introvert or something, there must be a reason under our silence... In certain place, someone keeps silence but in other place he/she can be the most active talking machine... Yes, but hearing something you don't have to just waste your precious time...
@sandymay16 (1617)
• Philippines
5 Oct 08
It's better to be silent in most places especially if there are people who always do the talking and they are insensitive to the situations of others. Being in silence also means one is being attentive and is a good listener. It's not a peculiarity and not being an introvert either. I am silent mostly but I do talk of I need to talk with sense that is and yes we really get interesting topics from people talking aaround us.