having a partner in same workplace

October 4, 2008 1:58pm CST
hi there... this is my topic for today do you prefer to have a partner that works in same company/department with you? what do you think about having an affair with someone that is same department/office/company with you?
2 responses
@redsponge (557)
• Malaysia
5 Oct 08
I am working at the same company with my husband but in different team for more than 4 years. I think working together with someone you know has nothing bad at all. However, since we are in different team, we have no chance to work in a project together yet. In fact, we have been classmates since in secondary school. There is not much problem for us to see each other almost 24 hours a day.
@rusty2rusty (6760)
• Defiance, Ohio
4 Oct 08
So, what topic do you really want to discuss today? because you have asked to very different questions that have different answers. I'll answer your first question. My answer is : It doesn't bother me if my spouse works in the same department with me or not. My spouse and I worked in the same factory for over 10 years together. Sometimes same department and on the same sift. Other time it was different shifts and different departments. It really depended on the job we wanted to be doing at that factory we worked at together. My answer to question number two : I don't think about having an affair with someone in my department. I am married. So, an affair is the furthest thing from my mind. I would not even consider having one.