How people feel that comes without a parent?

October 5, 2008 5:38am CST
it's hard to think but we have to share these feelings despite even if it is so gravity on hearts! the most of us live with two parents but what would you be if some of them has been tooken from you? Our parents are a tresor only orphans can see , I have a friend who studies with me in the same class ,who lost her father when she was five-year-girl,each time we start conversations about our parnets ,what they do,their professions,their habbies,.. she starts crying and crying with no raison,may be she misses her father,may be she doesn't know what does it mean a father, so what she feels can any body else dscrib it with words? In my opinion ,I think that isn't possible, only if you are one of them.
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