how to be asian...

V for Victory - the victory sign
@jrdnron (129)
October 5, 2008 7:26am CST
My top 10 list on how to be asian... 1. the slinky, slanting eyes 2. the silky, jet-black hair 3. the victory sign or v-sign 4. eat lots of rice! 5. be a math genius 6. be gadget savvy 7. dress like an anime character 8. watch anime 9. be an incredible player in RPGs 10. listen to pop music did i miss something?
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@rainmark (4302)
5 Oct 08
slinky, slanting eyes - yes the silky, jet-black hair - disaster i got damaged hair the victory sign or v-sign - i seldom use that sign eat lots of rice - that's me, for sure! be a math genius - hahahaha how i wish be gadget savvy - im not into that. dress like an anime character - as far as i know, only kids doing that. But im really watching anime Im not playing ROG's and i didnt know what's that lolz Yes, i like pop music super! And i can say all the asian characteristics are not universal. Happy posting