What can you say about B-U-X.net?

October 5, 2008 7:36am CST
I think it is a scam. I was a new member of that site just two days ago. I thought the site was good because it has many links and the webpages are neat and it looks like it was professionally made. I made my usual "clicking habit" last night. I logged in at b-u-x.net and started viewing on the links. One link counted down on the usual 30-second timer, and when it reached to zero I was expecting a "check" sign to appear but I saw an "X" mark. I was sure I haven't clicked on that link yet so I thought refreshing the page would bring me to the "check" sign. What I get was a blank window with a small message at the top-left of the window saying "You are banned". I was confused and irritated. Good thing this came to me earlier. I deleted their banner in my blogsite. I even saw a same incident in a different forum by a disgruntled user. What can you say about this? Please spread this news. Thanks!
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