How do I stop my coffee maker from making coffee that taste like plastic ?

@pimagro24 (1046)
October 5, 2008 8:46am CST
I just bought a coffee maker. The direction mention that, before making the first cup of coffee, I should run the water through the system first . I did this. But even after a month of using a coffee maker everyday, the coffee taste like plastic. I have been using the same filter, water and coffee as i did in old machine, so it has to be the new coffee maker.How do I get the plastic taste out of my coffee ?
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@widell (20)
5 Oct 08
You can also run a pot of half vinegar/half water through the system. I had this same problem with a Mr. Coffee coffee maker (the kind with the thermal carafe). It took a couple of runs with this solution before it got better. Also, it is important to rinse the unit with a couple of pots of plain water after using the vinegar so that your coffee won't pick up any of this flavor. Hopefully this will fix your problem and you will be drinking quality coffee before long.