What to do to make your girlfriends parents like you...

October 5, 2008 8:59am CST
Here is the situation, I'm courting a girl right now, and we are as you can say somewhat steady. But, her father doesn't like me. So, i can't visit their place and or call her at home. SHe makes time to see me everyday secretly. Here is my question, what should I do so her parents will like me? i need thoughts about this... need it very badly ... thanks in advance
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18 Oct 08
i asked this once to my aunt since she doesn't like my cousins boyfriend. and she said that though she may not like the guy, she will still accept him since she knows that her daughter loves him. all the guy needs to prove, is that he loves her daughter as well. parents tend to be protective of their children and would not want anything to hurt them. all you need to do is to prove that you love your girlfriend and show that to her father. show him that no one can make her daughter happier.
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19 Oct 08
thanks for that :)
@Avi_Gan (191)
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5 Oct 08
Haaayy,,, you're in such a bad position that I can't help but feel sorry for you. I think, you should try to be a permanent fixture in their daughter's life. Pretty soon, they'll relent and they'll eventually tolerate you, because they wouldn't have a choice. Be always respectful. Make sure your always in the positive light. Between two parents, there's always one that's more lenient so make that parent your ally by sending tokens or gifts. When that parent becomes warmer towards you, I'm sure that parent will work on the other one for you.