Wondering how it is that clickers claim...

@redkathy (3375)
United States
October 5, 2008 10:12am CST
to get so many referrals when everybody is already a member of the trusted PTC sites. I have seen so many discussions about how much money and how many referrals and so on. I have traded with lots of people, thinking they were just like me, trying to make some extra cash and willing to click for it. Over the last three money I've joined probably 30 or 40 sites. I only trade if I intend on clicking, otherwise I'll say no. I've had lots of trades where people join and never click or click once and forget it. Some just didn't like the site and that's ok but i think they are the minority. So now I know, say yes to the trade, don't click or click just once. Click on the sites you like and forget the rest! That's how clickers get so many referrals on PTC sites that have been around a while and are trusted! So much for being an honest trader, that's not the name of the game, am I right?
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