Is it easy to break your back doing a back flip?

United States
October 5, 2008 11:43am CST
That's what some people have told me. Has anyone tried it? If so, how do you do it correctly so you don't hurt yourself? Can anyone (who's not fat) do it?
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@Benzooo (64)
• Guam
22 May 09
Of course it is! LOL! If you land on your face or in the wrong position of course you can! The BEST thing to do is have a SPOTTER (try to get a verified one lol!)!!!!! Practice on soft stuff. Try to get the feel for it first so your body acclimates to it. It's very dangerous. I actually got hurt on a cushion and my neck hurt for a while. That was on cushion! So imagine if you were on concrete or so. Try not to hurt yourself. Backflips are very sexy to do and I love it. It takes a while before you can REALLY REALLY get the hang of it and do it normally. Your body tends to fight what's a risk, so at starting out you might be hesitant to COMPLETE it as your body doesn't want to do this move and instinct says get out of here. You need to overcome that and follow through. I did this and followed through on a trampoline. I was happy at that but knew that I would like to do it normally. The trampoline dampens your jump if a mininmal jump so it's not QUITE the same as concrete-that's SORT OF an advantage of concrete over trampoline. On a hard surface, you have FULL bounce-back capability to be directed into the jump. On the trampoline, the force is either dampened "built" into a jump such as jumping a few times before the flip. If you simply jump once on the trampoline and do a flip, it's kind of hard because force isn't "buit" up for the flip but you can still do the flip with A LOT of work!!! Trust me I've done it a lot of times and I'm a gymnast and martial artist.