what is the biggest mistake in life you made?

October 5, 2008 2:04pm CST
hello people what is the biggest mistake you made in your life?? i made a very big mistake by makes friends who are not worth it... they hurt me when ever they got chance.. and i was cheated by them.. i put to much emotional investment in them.. now i fell silly.. you should not love people who are not worth it... what about you people?
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• South Africa
5 Oct 08
Not trying harder to succeed! Despite my affliction and my inability to overcome it I could've pushed harder but I couldn't, my head felt like it was gonna explode whenever the veins to my head would constrict! Noone even guessed that I was very sick and still am very ill and will remain so for the rest of my life! Apart from that I told a girl how really felt about her and she tore my heart out and I will never recover, it's been years!
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• Pakistan
6 Oct 08
oh dear... do not get sad... u shold try to recover...
• South Africa
7 Oct 08
I don't usually give up, in fact I never do! But I think It's time I concede defeat!I've tried so hard but no one ever takes into consideration the effort we put into things as long as we fail!