the shopping list

October 5, 2008 9:35pm CST
it is a very funny thing happened to my sister. she was having a lot of troubles with her skin , so she went to her doctor about it . He could not find anything wrong with her , however , so he sent her to the local hospital for tests . And after results of the tests , her doctor told her and give her a litst of the things that he thought she should not eat , as any of them might be the cause of her skin trouble . my friend carefully wrote all the things dwn on a piece of paper, which she then left beside the telephone while she went out . When she got back home , she found her husband waiting for her . He had a big basket full of packages beside him and when he saw her, he said , Hello , dear , i have done all your shopping for you . " "All my shopping " she was in surprise , Well , i found your shopping list beside the telephone , so i went to the shops and bought everything you had written down , answered her husband .
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