How many times have you been scammed?

@glitch (188)
October 5, 2008 11:51pm CST
We've all gone through the journey in finding that opportunity that works. Sometimes we hit some obstacles. So how many times did you ever fall into a scam? Me, so far zero times. Everything that I've been in so far works well.
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@Sephrox (397)
• Brazil
6 Oct 08
Glitch... You're a lucky man! Well... I've been scammed many times that i even can't count... :)
@070707 (302)
• Indonesia
6 Oct 08
Good to you. I guess, where my people in my country says, i never get luck since born. But maybe someone here can change it. Cos, i need some info about what site that really pays...
@AKRao24 (27050)
• India
6 Oct 08
Only one time so far. There was a site simislr to Mylot, I think that was paying site or some thing like that. There they were promising to pay a lot of money just to participate in any discussion and they used to add few cents for every single sentenced response to our accounts! This definitely made me supecious. though . naturally I was very aggressive later on just to see what will happen I used to post just a couple of topics to keep my account intact! This went on for a couple of weeks and the site was closed down, leaving the members to abuse at them ! It was a funny experience and I was not offended because my gut feeling was telling me that some thing like this would happen on that particular site! LOL ! Thanks ! Good topic of discussion! Enjoyed participating in it!
@maria_k (925)
• United States
6 Oct 08
many times. but, it does not matter. You live and learn. Bottom line is I cam out ahead. I think if I wern't being scammed I would not develop a system that help me to earn a living as I can today
• Malaysia
6 Oct 08
4-5 times so far. Most of them happen when I went to the workshop to fix my car. There is one time I've been scammed over the auction on eBay. I think it's hard to find a good and honest people now.