were you cheated at internat ?

October 6, 2008 12:19am CST
one of my friends says she is cheated by making friends at internat . she goes to a dating website to find her love . And she met a man from Italy . And they loved each other . And then they met face to face . And the man send her a gold nacklace as a gift .she is very happy . But after that she identified the gold nacklace , she knew that the man sent her a fake . Another thing that the man promised to sent her a computer , but my friend waited for two months , and at last the man told her the computer went back and broken . My friend can't believe his words . And what advice should you tell my friend ? I really need your advice and your thinking about it .
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• United States
6 Oct 08
It's not so much that she met the man online that's the problem, as it is the man himself. He's a liar and is making false promises. Just as she should do with a man in any other situation, at least question whether she should be with him. A fake gold necklace and a broken computer aren't exactly the best reasons to dump a man. There's more to a relationship than material possessions. Outside of the gold necklace and computer, there should be love. If the man is poor, these faulty items are understandable and excusable.