Does your job related your major well?

October 6, 2008 2:03am CST
I will be graduated on June 2009. and the coming question to me is how to land a job myself.In such a serious situation, hunting a job could be very difficult. You should have some special skills or have genius in some parts.Teacher told us that you may get greater chance of holding the job which related to your major. But what should i do if i don't wanna do jobs on my major? According to data on job hunting last year, only a few segment in all graduates lands were tied to their jobs. I am wondering if we don't know something of your job, could we do a good performance on this stage?Is is important to take a professional major in order to get the job? I am really very appreciate your opinion or experience on this question. Because i am a little comfused now, not very sure on what should i do next. thank you very much!!
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